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Specialist in Volkswagen and Audi Automobiles

Select EuroCars, Inc. is a 42-year Independent Specialist in Volkswagen/Audi Automobiles. Open seven days a week. Certified Master Dealer having sold more than 9,600 cars. ASE Master and Level I Certified Technicians with latest VW/Audi test equipment, special service tools, bulletins and parts.

From repairing boats in Junior High to performing clutch repair on a vehicle he was not yet licensed to drive, Joel Osserman was quickly developing as a businessman. Attending a high school of 2,700 students, a business of locating Auto Parts and Service of cars grew too large for home. Joel's first car, in fact, was an Audi!

With friends interested in improving their automobiles, business followed Joel to Hobart College and in 1980 and a shared barn off of North Street, Geneva NY became a viable import car repair business. After two outstanding years at Hobart College, business growth took over all of Joel's time. Taking a year off, Joel sold his personal car and took an old Volkswagen Rabbit (Volkswagen Golf I outside North America) in trade.

The Volkswagen was serviced easily, one satisfied buyer led to another and shortly after returning to Hobart, the local VW dealership closed. After negotiating a creative lease this twenty year old was suddenly in the former Volkswagen Dealership location on Bean's Hill, Geneva. A staff of seven (including several prior Volkswagen or Audi Dealership techs) performed great volumes of sales of "Reconditioned Rabbits" and a Volkswagen and Audi service customer base of several thousand was quickly developed.

March 1985, while driving a Volkswagen, Joel was seriously injured in a Fatal Motor Vehicle Accident but with the help of God, friends, family and limited staff was able to continue and even added an Auto Rental franchise. Married to a satisfied customer and with a child due, Select Transportation -- Which was later coined Select EuroCars, Inc. moved a short distance to our current location on Routes 5 & 20 Waterloo.

1985-2001 Select EuroCars, Inc. was one of the top ten buyers of VW and Audi off lease in the USA and in 1993 was the fourth largest buyer of off lease Volkswagen and Audi.

Encouraging safety, Select EuroCars, Inc. donated an older car to a Sober school all night dance!

Sales have continued to grow as satisfied Volkswagen and Audi customers return with their friends and family.One customer has purchased nine Select EuroCars, Inc. off lease Volkswagen and Audi and many others have purchased five, six or seven Volkswagen and Audi from Select EuroCars, Inc. Select EuroCars, Inc. works very hard to fill the need of each customer remembering that each customer starts with a first contact and purchase.

Select EuroCars, Inc. has invested in top technicians, Factory Service Documentation, Special tools/test equipment and one of the largest selections of off lease VW and Audi for sale in the country rather than an elaborate showroom and a team of salespeople. Further efforts to make information on our firm available to consumers led to development of this web site over twenty years ago. Continuous effort in making current information available to consumers was awarded January 2000 at the National Automobile Dealers Association Convention where we were honored for having the "Best Pre-Owned Dealer Web Site"!!!

December 8, 2000 marked the next step in our Web Site Development. Carfax reports, already performed at our expense, are offered to Volkswagen and Audi consumers without charge. These reports are run and stored at the time we purchase our Volkswagen and Audi vehicles Carfax updates it reports daily so consumers may still wish to run their own report as they consider our Volkswagen, Audi and other Automobiles. A customer survey page has been added along with sample finance terms, and a Service Appointment page for Volkswagen and Audi customers should further aid our consumers.

September 1, 2004 SelectEuroCars, inc. received a building permit, after a long battle, for a Showroom/Sales Office at our Waterloo location. Our url has once again been reworked to aid our customers and we have enjoyed hosting (well...being a stop along the way!) for the Finger Lakes VW Club trek to Watkins Glen!!!

February 2005 Select EuroCars, Inc. transferred operation of our url to MVINTECH. Simply put, we have committed ourselves to offering the best automobiles and service of same. Web technology continues to advance and now those who visit our site can take advantage of current technology.

November 2007 Joel Osserman attended a program of Northwood University and has been accredited as a Certified Master Dealer®.


A Certified Master Dealer, a CMD®, is a professional automobile dealer who has demonstrated their commitment to the used motor vehicle industry, to consumers and who supports ethical business standards and principles. They have met the rigid criteria that qualify them as a candidate for the certification program developed by the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association and Northwood University. The CMD® dealer has successfully completed a 32 hour training program that includes general management strategies, financial management principles, successful merchandising techniques, effective human resource practices, and appropriate business planning. They maintain their professional certification by completing at least 12 hours of continuing education every 36 months.


These dealers strive to uphold the highest of business practices. They comply with all laws and regulations. Their customers (you the consumer) are their priority and their business goal is to attain success through customer satisfaction. This satisfaction is gained by listening to each customer and responding to the needs of that customer ethically, sensitively, and professionally.

May 2008, our facility has been beautified with new vinyl cedar shake siding and more importantly, we have tripled the size of our office! Customers can now relax in our Leather Theater Chairs with cup holders, enjoy our Central Air Conditioning and heating. Wireless high speed internet is provided for customers work or play. Our bathroom has been remodeled for inside access :) Even our parts room size has been tripled. We continue to enjoy hosting (well...being a stop along the way!) for the Finger Lakes VW Club trek to Watkins Glen!!!

November 2010 - April 2011
Cornell University 100MPG Project Car

Cornell Students had purchased a Volkswagen European Spec three cylinder diesel engine to charge multiple batteries which powered an electric motor, and in turn their vehicle 100 miles, with ONE Gallon of Diesel Fuel on multiple competitive test tracks! The students had been unable to get their motor running with a mile of wiring harness, no diagrams in English and no experience with VW and brought us the project in a shopping cart! Our head tech of 17 years laid out the harness in one of our service bays and in less than 3 hours, found a missing relay, retrofit a part we had on hand and the Tdi motor running!!! Later to be informed that the Motor needed to meet emissions standards, our tech, in an extremely cold winter pulled multiple parts from salvage, researched the european spec emissions system and retrofit, meeting current at the time emissions specs! Our tech spent weekends in University dormitories helping the students to all hours and drove through the night to Michigan, for example and when involved repairs were needed even convinced a shop owner to lend his garage overnight! Select EuroCars, Inc. provided multiple parts, facilities and welcomed students to work, with our tech’s assistance, on completing this project - a step toward today’s Hybrid, albeit absent the needed safety systems, passenger space and comfort:) The car is currently on display in the lobby at Upson hall.

April 2011, construction is complete and we have added a Keurig Coffee Bar, moved the service counter back ~ fifteen feet greatly adding to the free space for our customers!

February 2013
Bosch logo

Bosch Service & Maintenance Bosch Service & Maintenance

Select EuroCars, Inc. is honored to become a Bosch Service Center! When looking for a service center to maintain or repair your car, you have many choices. There's the new car dealership, your local oil change, muffler or transmission shop, and many independent garages.

With all of those choices, why go to a Bosch Car Service center? Bosch Car Service centers are the very best of independently-owned service centers.

To qualify for membership, each service center must pass a rigorous certification process, based on technical skill, customer service, and facility design and appearance. Many of our service centers specialize in the repair of certain vehicle brands, so our service center locators request the vehicle brand you are driving. Since quality repairs start with quality parts, the best replacement parts from Bosch, the largest original-equipment parts manufacturer in the world. To keep the quality of the Bosch Car Service Center Network as strong as possible, an outside company inspects each service center, using both pre-arranged audits and surprise inspections. The detailed results are analyzed to then develop ongoing training. To remain in the network, our service centers must maintain the highest levels of technical ability and customer satisfaction.

Think of Bosch Service & Maintenance as a stress reliever. Bring your vehicle to and experience the Bosch Car Service program. Stress relief for you, your vehicle and your family.

December 2018
Bosch designated Select EuroCars, Inc. as a Bosch Service & Maintenance Facility and March – May 2020, in the midst of one of our Nation’s Worst Crises, Select EuroCars, Inc. contracted to have an addition built onto our office allowing sales customers who prefer privacy and to work with Preston, to do so apart from the regular office customer traffic.

June 2022

SELECT EUROCARS, INC. New York State IADA's Highest Dealer Honor at NIADA Convention and Expo!

Select EuroCars, Inc. is excited to share that we've been named as New York State Chapter Winner, One of twelve Nationwide, for the NIADA Quality Dealer Award. Each year, NIADA, the National Independent Dealer Association of 17,000 members asks its State Associations to Nominate Qualified Members for State Award and to contest for National recognition and presents the National Quality Dealer Award to one carefully selected dealer. The National Quality Dealer Award was created in 1976 to recognize the remarkable accomplishments of NIADA's independent dealers. For over 45 years, National Quality Dealer Award recipients have exemplified their commitment to quality and excellence in the industry as well as outstanding customer service, and giving back to their community to make it a better place for everyone. This coveted award is presented at NIADA's Annual Convention & Expo during our National Quality Dealer Award Dinner in front of industry leaders and fellow dealers.

With Great Thanks, Joel Osserman, President

Trusted by the those you trust!

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