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Frequently Asked Questions

Any discount for cash?

We look at tens of thousands of cars to select a few quality examples each week. The vehicles are then thoroughly checked over and serviced by our expert VW/Audi Specialty Techs. (Three of our techs are ASE Master Certified and two have gone beyond Master to achieve L1 Certification!) We have invested in factory diagnostic computers, Software, specialty tools and training to minimize future repair needs and costs wherever possible. The beauty of a low price is long forgotten after the possible higher cost of repairs. If financing, the bank pays us immediately. Cash, good check or bank financing are all the same.

How much will I have to put down?

We often can get customers approved by our 15 banks with nothing down! Those with significant Credit Problems May need more down than those with Tier 1 Credit but All are welcome to apply at and we work hard to assist All our Customers!

How much is my monthly payment?

Monthly payment will vary with cost of car, how much you are putting down, the Term of the Financing, the age of the car, and your prior credit. Please fill out an application with no obligation! Lets see what we can do for you here at

How much is the warranty?

Our vehicles sold with under 100,000 miles Generally have a Six Month or 6000 mile, whichever comes first Powertrain Warranty and coverage on Most components for lesser terms as we want to take care of concerns, wherever possible, As early on as possible to ensure your satisfaction. We offer and STRONGLY recommend the Near Bumper to Bumper Coverage offered by Liberty Shield on our Volkswagen and Alpha on our Audi. Average cost on Five Year Volkswagen Protection is about $2000 or about $400 per year. When do you not spend $400 a year on a car repair? The Audi Protection Packages cost on average $3000. And with the high level of technology in these cars, $750 a year is a Very Smart Investment and can often be included in Monthly payment.

Can I register the car in Mom or Dad’s name to save on insurance?

Some of our Banks and Credit Unions Will Allow us to Register a car in another name! Please let us know if that is your intension and we will share your desire to do so up front.

Do you do Buy here pay here?

Buy here Pay Here is Often the Worst Mistake that you can Make! Local dealers share that they Repo the Average car 5 times and as a result, you are paying for the Damage and Losses that they suffer and as a result they Rarely can offer quality preferred cars with reasonable mileage and history.

How much is my trade worth?

We would be happy to forward a brief questionnaire for you to please complete and forward with your Vin # = Serial #, Mileage and a few pics of the good and not so good. View our Value Your Trade page here:

How much will x repair cost?

As our techs service almost Exclusively VW/Audi, you are not paying here for the local mechanic or friend to “learn on your car” and where ever possible, we may have alternative repairs available in an effort to save you $ where it makes sense. we have four Auto Service Credit Cards that you can apply for on our service page the Synchrony Card offers up to One Year Interest Free and the Bosch Card up to Six Months interest Free if paid in full. For those with Limited or with significant Credit Blemishes, the Snap Card or WestCreek Card May approve up to 100 day Cas Payoff!

Can I bring my own part?

Would you ask the Dentist or your Doctor the same questions? seriously, it is difficult to offer good workmanship when we do not have control of the Source of parts used and much like the Hospital that must charge x $ for the bandage, All businesses have costs that they must recover and yes even show some profit to exist in today’s world. our Service Advisor takes Great Effort to offer Quality, Affordable Solutions to your Volkswagen and Audi Service Needs!

Don’t you have the Computer that tells what is wrong with my car? Why would you then charge for diagnosis?

We do have up to date software and have made a huge investment in having the proper diagnostic equipment available to our techs. That said, one cause may trigger 17 inexperienced mechanic may throw parts at a car until it is “fixed”. Our techs work to properly Troubleshoot and repair Volkswagen and Audi Automobiles, instead and this can take time, a cost and investment that must be recovered.

Can I go out and watch the mechanic work on my car?

Unfortunately, the Repair Shop Environment has many risks and we cannot insure your safety with this level of exposure. Our techs and advisor will thoroughly explain what they find and the necessary repair Procedures so you are not left in the “blind”.

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