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Certified Used Cars Waterloo NY - Select EuroCars


Select Certified Cars are selected from thousands of Volkswagen and Audi throughout our nation. The 17 gentlemen assigned the task of Selecting the vehicles offered for sale at Select EuroCars have combined experience of more than two hundred years and have been buying vehicles for our dealership for a combined term of well over 100 years!!

Select Certified Cars have had their histories reviewed on CARFAX and any non qualification for the CARFAX warranty, such as Manufacturer Repurchase, Odometer Discrepancy, Recorded Prior Damage are immediately apparent and displayed for the consumer on our award winning url

SelectEuroCars, inc. is said to be one of a few independent facilities who have made the investment to purchase the latest diagnostic service computer, the VAS 6150E and great effort is made to keep our VAG software and VW/Audi technical bulletins up to date to ensure the best service for your present or next car!

Each of our Select Certified Cars has been thoroughly checked over. Oil is changed with the proper grade and filter. Air filter and Cabin Filter are inspected and changed where needed. Belts are checked and changed if questionable along with tensioner.

All fluids are checked and changed or topped off as necessary. The proper function of all electrical components related to operation of the vehicle, exhaust and suspension is tested by our experienced ASE certified technicians who specialize in the service and maintenance of Volkswagen/Audi automobiles.

In short, the inspection and testing performed on all Select Certified Cars, we believe, matches or exceeds that performed by the vehicle manufacturer franchised dealerships.

Select Certified Cars are component warranted for Six months or 6,000 miles, 100% parts and labor at our dealership AND WE OFFER THE EXCLUSIONARY ALPHA PRIORITY ONE UNLIMITED MILEAGE as well as the Liberty Shield Exclusionary Service Contracts, Good NATIONWIDE at the facility of YOUR choice with terms up to Five years from date of Select EuroCars purchase or 100,000 miles, whichever comes first – Even Unlimited Mileage Programs Are Offered!

Liberty Shield Exclusionary Coverage Disappearing Deductible
(Zero Here - $100. Elsewhere Nationwide)

Liberty Shield

Liberty Shield

Liberty Shield

The customers of Select EuroCars, inc. have seen that the ALPHA Priority One and Liberty Shield Exclusionary are far better for their needs than the Volkswagen/Audi certified program that may be honored only at their approximate 600 dealership points nationwide. In our country of fifty states, such restrictions could cause great delays in obtaining a service appointment and or force the need to travel great distances for service. A copy of our warranty and these smart service contract programs can be found on our url

Select Euro Cars is a Bosch Service Center
We are a Bosch Service Center

685 Waterloo Geneva Rd
Routes 5 & 20
Waterloo, NY 13165

Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday: 8AM-7PM
Saturday: 8AM-5PM
Sunday: 12PM-5PM

Service Hours
Monday: 8AM-5PM
Tuesday: 8AM-5PM
Wednesday: 8AM-5PM
Thursday: 8AM-5PM
Friday: 8AM-5PM

24 hour drop box and after hours pickup.